LASER stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Should I be worried about “radiation” to my skin?

No. There are two basic types of radiation, (1) Non-ionizing radiation, and (2) Ionizing radiation. Hair removal lasers produce "non-ionizing" radiation which is simply the radiation of light, and is FDA approved for your skin. Non-ionizing rays do not leave a residual in your skin or body. They pass through your skin and body. Whereas [...]

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I have dark skin but I am tired of shaving and dealing with shave bumps and ingrown hairs. Would laser hair removal work for me? Is it safe for me skin?

Yes. Buffalo Laser Spa our GentleYAG© laser is considered the gold standard for treating unwanted hair on darker skin types. Its longer wavelength safely bypasses the skin and targets the melanin in the hair shaft, destroying the unwanted hair follicle. It helps to get rid of shave bumps and ingrown hairs. You will love your [...]

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Is it painful?

People have compared it to a mild rubber band snapping against the skin. Compared to waxing the treatment has very little discomfort. Everyone's pain tolerance is different.

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What are the risks of hair removal?

Laser hair removal is considered a lunch time procedure. There is no recovery time. Patients can return to work or play immediately. The lasers for hair removal do not remove skin, so the risks are very low. As with any procedure, we have an informed consent that explains all the possible risks.

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Which laser is the best choice for my skin and hair?

Buffalo Laser Spa uses two distinct technologies for all 6 skin types. The Alexandrite laser is used on lighter skin types with darker hair while the YAG laser is used on darker skin types with darker hair. We use the Candela GentleMAX laser which is considered by many in the industry of laser hair removal [...]

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How long has Buffalo Laser Spa been in existence?

Our very first Buffalo location opened in September 1998 as Cheryl’s Hair Removal Center. We’ve changed our name a little over the years to incorporate the new technologies that we offer. Back in 2010 we expanded our laser services to include laser fat removal and laser body contouring so we changed our name to Buffalo [...]

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