We have discontinued the use of the Sculpsure unit. It has not proven to perform at the standards we at Buffalo Laser Spa have set out in our mission to help Buffalonians and WNY’erss. The unit seems to have been brought to market to soon. The company has changed their protocols at least 3 times since we purchased the device. We made a decision to purchase the unit on the information that Cynosure gave us with their FDA studies. But it has proven to be a failure of a device from our first hand experience. The pain associated with Sculpsure is immense. The last protocol change was to get patients to the highest level which was very painful for most of our clients. The company (Cynosure) is only interested about how much money they can charge end users to use the device. And how much money they can make for Wall Street investors. They are traded on the stock exchange so their goal is make money. They could care less about the clinics that purchased the device in good faith to perform a outstanding treatment to the level that was promised to the clinic owners. Cynosure and Sculpsure did not deliver the results as promised. In our opinion the Sculpsure unit should be avoided at all costs!

The better alternative we have discovered upon extensive research is the NEW and Improved Coolsculpting Device which freezes your fat to remove fat from your body. The new unit has the new improved cupped applicators which have shown to have make the treatments very comfortable and less painful. Cheryl has had both Sculpsure and the New Improved Coolsculpting treatments and can tell you her first hand experience is that Coolsculpting really works. The Sculpsure treatments were so painful and intolerable that the whole experience with Sculpsure was horrible. Cynosure keeps selling the unit without any regard for clinic owners and their patients. They have changed the protocols to the higher levels of heating which are not tolerable to most patients. We cannot express our disappointment with Sculpsure and in a bigger part the dealings with the home company Cynosure. They were not forth coming when we brought up issues and problems with the results from the Sculpsure. I feel sorry for any clinic who is purchasing the Sculpsure because they will not be satisfied.

Please review the class action lawsuit against Cynosure and Sculpsure below, it explains the problems the early adopters of the technology were sold on. Our displeasure and frustration with this company cannot be put into words.