Quick Overview: Buffalo Laser Spa & Cheryl’s Hair Removal Center is the oldest and most trusted laser clinic in Buffalo. Since 1998 we have treated over 50,000 Western New Yorkers for laser hair removal. We have trained doctors, nurses & estheticians in the proper use of lasers for hair removal. We were the first to purchase the FDA approved laser by Candela GentleLASE in July 1998. This was the very first day the laser was offered to clinics in the USA!

Do you want to feel your best in your bikini?

Don’t be embarrassed and stop worrying about unwanted hair or shaving bumps in your bathing suit! One of our most popular procedures is the bikini line.  We have performed so many bikini line treatments we are experts in removing your unwanted hair in your bikini line. We also offer a laser version of the full brazilian bikini wax procedure except ours is long lasting with permanent results. Our full bikini line pubic hair removal package is one of our most sought after treatments. We can complete most full bikini line pubic hair removal treatments in 15-20 minutes. Our laser technicians can complete as much or as little hair removal as you would like, while constantly monitoring your comfort. Call 716-631-5525 for a free consultation. We are the hair removal experts in Buffalo!

Are you are still seeing a 5 o’clock shadow after shaving your bikini line or underarms? Laser hair removal by our trained and certified technicians can give you a permanent solution. The laser will destroy your hair from underneath your skin while in about 2-3 weeks the hair will slough off completely. After the 2-3 weeks your pores will start to close leaving you with smooth sexy skin. No more shaving, waxing, razor burns, ingrown hair bumps and no more 5 o’clock shadow.

How much does it cost?

Our cost for bikini laser hair removal or brazilian laser hair removal depends on a few variables. What color is your skin, what color is your hair. We can remove hair from any part of the body, but because everyone is different everyone will need a different amount of treatments. It is very important to come into our clinic which is centrally located for easy access throughout WNY. We are only 1 mile from the 290-Youngman at 5820 Main Street. Our consultations are complimentary and when we meet with you to  discuss what your needs are. We will customize a program specifically for you…


✔ The medical degree and experience level of the treatment provider? (Our lead technicians have 20 years experience, and our Sr. Technician has over 10 years experience, Our Medical Director is right here in Williamsville). Ask some of the other clinics how much experience there technicians have, you’ll be surprised. Not how long they have been in business but how long have they been performing laser hair removal. Most other clinics are less than you may think!

✔ The number of years the company has been in business? Buffalo Laser Spa & Cheryl’s Hair Removal Center have been in the laser hair removal business since 1998. We are the oldest continuous laser hair removal center in Buffalo!

✔ The quality of the hair removal equipment (lasers) We use the industry leader Candela laser for hair removal

✔ The ability to safely treat all skin types? Our laser can treat all 6 skin types I through VI.

✔ Convenient location? Right in the heart of Williamsville at 5820 Main Street only one mile from the 290-  Youngman Expressway.

✔ Lifetime Membership? Absolutely, if treatments need after original package simply pay a copay for additional treatments

✔ Accurate Pricing to procedure completion. Absolutely you will know how much pricing is before you start your treatments.

✔ Easy In House financing. We have offered this service to thousands of WNY’ers to help them get the service they want when they want it!

Can anyone have it done?

Laser hair removal does not work on individuals who have blonde, red or gray hair because the laser attracts itself to the melanin in our hair which these hair types do not have. Laser hair removal works best on dark hair.

Can men have laser hair removal?

Absolutely men are having it done. The most popular area for men is the back, shoulders, chest and abdomen.

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Men’s Laser Hair Removal Special Trial Treatment – Men’s Backs, $199.00 for one trial treatment. Add shoulders and back of neck for $129 and arms for $149. Ask for our “Special Men’s back plus trial treatment”.- Call for Details – 716-631-5525

Women’s Laser Hair Removal special offer to try our new laser on women’s upper lip for $49.00 for one trial treatment. Add chin for $89.00 and underarms for $99 (trial treatments) Ask for our “Women’s Trial Treatment Special”

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