“I started my treatments in May 2014 and to date I have lost 50 lbs and approximately 16 total inches. I was a non believer at first but when the inches started to come off I was amazed. I am a type 2 diabetic and when I started the treatments I was using 5 needles a day of insulin. Today I am off the insulin, no more needle. Thank you to all the dedicated employees at Buffalo Laser, with out them I would still be on insulin.”

Ron L.

“I had a great experience! This procedure was so easy, and it was pain free. The staff is so nice and helpful. The first treatment I lost 1 full inch. Even after my procedure, I continued to lose inches.”

-Nicole O.

“Gentle Slim is the best!”

(Sandy lost 8.5 inches on her Abdomen. She is now working on her Legs!)

-Sandy S.

“The Gentle Slim sessions were quick, painless and very comfortable. The staff was very knowledgeable and always professional. The Gentle Slim helped to jump start and continue our weight loss and exercise goals.”

-Henry and Henrietta M.

“From the initial consultation through to my last session I was treated very warmly and everyone made the experience comfortable and rewarding. My skepticism was gone after friends and family noticed how great I looked.”

(Katherine lost 11.125 inches on her Abdomen!!)

-Katherine B.

“I had a great Gentle Slim experience. Every staff member is friendly. I had awesome results on my legs. I would recommend this treatment to anyone interested in finally having results!”

-Deb G.

“Excellent experience. My technician was very helpful and educated on the entire procedure.”

-Kim P.

“The treatment was effective and relaxing. Everyone was friendly and efficient.”

(Joan lost over an inch on each of her Arms!)

-Joan F.

“The treatment was fast and easy. I am thrilled with my results!”

(Karen lost 10.75 inches on her Thighs! Her Cellulite was dramatically reduced)

-Karen M.