Women’s Fat Removal

Women’s fat removal has become a big business around the world with the inventions of so many fat removal devices. Before you go for a surgical or invasive procedure please try Gentle Slim Laser Fat Removal treatments. Our Gentle Slim Laser offers affordable treatments and we combine 2 technologies to help you lose dreaded fat from your body. The 2 areas on your body that need the most attention are usually your stomach and your love handles. No matter how hard you exercise or diet the fat is always in these stubborn areas. Our program offers Gentle Slim laser fat removal combined with Venus Legacy Radiofrequency. The laser fat removal program releases fat from the targeted fat cells while the Venus Legacy Radiofrequency helps flush fat from your body while contouring the treated area and tightens the skin. This one-two punch offers an affordable solution to remove your fat removal needs.

If you can pinch the fat in your stomach and/or love handles chances are very good that we can help you remove your fat in these areas. This is soft fluffy fat, not visceral fat which when you touch your stomach is hard to pinch.

Fat removal is not a weight loss program but a fat removal program, although if you add a healthy lifestyle to the program your results will explode!

We offer one Venus Legacy RF treatment with every package of 8 Gentle Slim 10-minute treatments at no charge. That’s a $300.00 value for FREE. No other clinics offer such an in-depth fat removal program.

The Gentle Slim Fat Removal program is very affordable, right now we have over 50% discount on Gentle Slim 8 ten-minute laser fat removal treatments and one Legacy RF treatment. Regular pricing is $1,995.00 but for a limited time, we are offering our program for only $899.00.

You should try it out for yourself and stop wishing you could lose fat! Start losing your fat in your abdomen and love handles with our affordable solution. Laser Fat removal is FDA approved. Our units are real lasers not some of those inferior red light LED therapies you might find at a chiropractor’s office or even a tanning salon. Most of these types of clinics are misinformed and don’t know the difference between a true laser and the junk they offer. It is like putting a flashlight up against your skin, Yeah, you’re right nothing happens! That’s what our competition offers. Our laser fat removal devices are FDA-approved and have science behind them. Those other devices are just FDA cleared which is a misconception to the general public. Just for your reference, a band-aid is FDA cleared. FDA cleared in its simplest form means it will not harm you the consumer. Groupon is the biggest offender of misusing this type of wording. They sell those inferior red light LED therapies as a laser which they are not! It’s sad that a large company like Groupon has to lie to get individuals to buy their cheap offerings. The public is the big loser in all of this deception.

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Of course, if do to want to come into the office 8 time-9 times for Gentle Slim you can try our Coolsculpting program named Fire & Ice Fat Removal which combines Coolsculpting and Venus Legacy Radiofrequency for the best results in Buffalo! Click here for more information or call 716-631-5525.