Arm Laser Hair Removal

Buffalo Laser Spa & Cheryl’s Hair Removal Center has been providing arm laser hair removal for women since 1998. That’s over 20 consecutive years in Buffalo NY. We have more experience than even the National Chains in laser hair removal. Our “New” Venus Velocity laser hair removal device is able to remove unwanted hair with less pain. Yes, you heard it right, with less pain! The Velocity is very unique in that it can laser large areas of hair with less pain than just about any other laser on the market today. And it is very fast and effective so you can go about your day.

(See Our Women’s Special Pricing Below)

Arm Laser Hair Removal

Arm Laser Hair Removal

With us you have the option, you can pay per time as you need treatments or pay for a package with deep discounts that are much less than our competitors. Give us a try, what do you have to lose except your unwanted hair! You’ll be glad you did. To help you get started we have a special promotion for Women’s Underarms, Legs, Bikini and/or Chest/Breasts. (see our offer below) Experience our Lifetime laser hair removal guarantee if you buy a package. When your package expires you simply pay a very small co-pay for a treatment. These co-pays and package prices are lower than our competitors inflated package prices.

Arm laser hair removal for women at Buffalo Laser Spa & Cheryl’s Hair Removal Center has been helping 10,000’s of women remove their hair since 1998. Look at our Women’s Special for laser hair removal below. Give us a Call at 716-631-5525 for a Free no obligation consultation.

Women’s Laser Hair Removal Specials

Underarm Laser Hair Removal – $129.00
Regular Bikini – $199.00
Chest/Breasts – $129
Arms – $189
All pricing is per treatment – hurry limited time
Pick minimum 3 areas and get an additional 10% Off

We are the hair removal experts in Buffalo!

Once you’ve treated your underarms you will feel smooth & silky skin. The skin is so smooth it’s described as smooth as baby’s skin. Shaving, waxing or tweezing your underarms will be a thing in your past once you start underarm laser hair removal. Once your sessions are complete you won’t have to worry about razor bumps, ingrown hairs or razor burn on your underarms. Or that dreaded 5 o’clock shadow in your underarms. The treatment only takes a minute or two per underarm so you are in and out fast.

Call 716-631-5525 for a free consultation and get started with your smooth silky underarm skin. Sale going on right now, call!

Arm Laser Hair Removal

Arm laser hair removal on is a very easy process. Our certified technicians will remove that dark embarrassing hair off your arms in a matter of minutes. We are the hair removal experts in Buffalo since 1998! We are the oldest laser hair removal center in the USA. Give us a call at 716-631-5525 to set up a free consultation. We can then customize a plan exclusively for you!