Coolsculpting Groupon

While it sounds like a good idea it is not practical to have a Coolsculpting groupon offer. The cost of the machine and the cost of the applicators to use the machine makes it impossible to offer Coolsculpting groupon offers. While Groupon the company may make it seem like there are offers to be had in a search, they simple do not exist. The company that manufactures Coolsculpting also frowns on any clinic offering a groupon for the service.

Our clinic does offer internal specials for Coolsculpting but we do not offer any Coolsculpting Groupon offers.

Coolsculpting Fat Removal is for both Men and Women. With over 6 million Coolsculpting Fat Removal treatments worldwideGet rid of fat in your

  • Abdomen/Pooch
  • Bra Fat
  • Flanks/Love Handles or Muffin Top
  • Double Chin/Under the Neck
  • Inner Thighs/Thigh Gap
  • Outer Thighs
  • Upper Arms

Coolsculpting is the modern way to remove your unwanted fat. Let the Coolsculpting Fat Removal machines do all the work for you while you read, watch tv or talk on your phone during your treatment. Just sit back and relax! Once you start seeing your results you may be motivated to try Coolsculpting Fat Removal in other body areas to shape your body the way you want!

Coolsculpting Costs typically range between $1,500.00 to $2,500.00 for a smaller area. Larger areas range from $2,500.00 to $4,000.00. It really depends on the patients needs and how much they want to invest. Since the treatment is so personalized, doing an in-person consultation is the best way to get the most accurate quote for your customized CoolSculpting procedure. Most patients after seeing how good the results are usually have more areas of concern addressed.

Give us a call to set up your free customized consultation quote to see if Coolsculpting at Buffalo Laser Spa is a good fit for you! Call 716-631-5525.