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Find out the dirty little secrets behind liposuction and how Gentle Slim is the perfect alternative to liposuction. Read More...

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As of June 12th 2012, Buffalo Laser Spa no longer offers Velashape treatments. We have upgraded to the brand new Gentle Slim - Ultra Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction with Laser. This is a brand new proven method that provides much better results than Velashape.

Gentle Slim - Ultra Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction treatments are an innovative new way for patients to experience a visible reduction in unwanted cellulite. Unwanted pockets of excess fat and the lumpy, dimpled appearance of cellulite are two imperfections that a great deal of women suffer with daily. If you are one of the many women looking for a cellulite reduction technique that offers exceptional, long lasting results, you've come to the right place. Buffalo Laser Spa now offers patients Gentle Slim - Ultrat, innovative cellulite reduction technology that safely and effectively removes unwanted cellulite for smoother, tighter skin.

The truth of the matter is, over 90 percent of adult females (women over the age of 20) suffer from some degree of unwanted cellulite. While it was often believed that the formation of cellulite was due to weight gain, among other things, we have recently learned that this isn't true. The formation of cellulite is due to three distinct factors, vascular changes, hormones and inflammation, none of which are in our control. While proper diet and regular exercise have proven to reduce the chances of developing cellulite, many women are seeking other alternatives.

For those who find themselves dissatisfied with the visible appearance of cellulite on the thighs, hips and/or buttocks, Gentle Slim - Ultra can help. For women who manage a healthy lifestyle yet find it extremely difficult to reach their goal body shape, Gentle Slim - Ultra can be your easy answer because it is a fantastic solution for the treatment of sagging and dimpled skin. By starting your Gentle Slim - Ultra treatments at Cheryl's Hair Removal and Cellulite Reduction Center, you can remove that unwanted cellulite for good.

Many intrigued individuals wonder just how this innovative treatment works. Gentle Slim - Ultra is a non-surgical medical device that was designed for the specific purpose of body reshaping and has been cleared by the FDA for circumferential reduction. Gentle Slim - Ultra at Buffalo Laser Spa, Inc. utilizes revolutionary technology combining laser light technology with mechanical massage and vacuum suction to effectively target and treat problem areas where cellulite commonly resides.

These components are combined in order to increase lymphatic drainage, reduce the size of both fat chambers and fat cells within the skin layers (these create the lumpy, dimpled appearance on the skin) and increase the metabolism of stored energy. A series of evenly spaced Gentle Slim - Ultra treatments will not only reduce the visible signs of cellulite, but will also help to enhance overall body shape and contour; leaving patients looking and feeling their very best!

Gentle Slim - Ultra is the best proven device currently available to Buffalo Laser Spa's patients that targets and treats both the deeper tissue as well as the upper layers of skin. This multi-level treatment effectively provides a measurable reduction in fat layers, overall body circumference and the lumpy, dimpled appearance often caused by cellulite. Gentle Slim - Ultra treatments at Buffalo Laser Spa are fantastic non-surgical, virtually painless and no downtime treatments for both body reshaping and overall reduction of cellulite.

With visible results in as few as three treatments, Buffalo Laser Spa has what it takes to help women get rid of that unwanted cellulite once and for all. Still not convinced that this treatment will work for you? Visit our reputable laser center for your free and confidential cellulite reduction consultation. Our consult will give us an opportunity to show you how our innovative Gentle Slim - Ultra treatment works and just how easy it is to be cellulite free. Come in today and start getting rid of that unwanted cellulite once and for all!

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