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To fully encompass our diverse services lineup, we've changed our name to Buffalo Skin & Laser Center! Stay tuned for the launch of our new website!

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We are searching for the best of the best R.N.s and N.Y. Licenced Estheticians to perform laser, IPL, RF, & CoolSculpting treatments. Great pay + benefits for the right candidtate. Send resume to resumes@buffalolaserspa.com

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Liposuction's Dirty Little Secret

Find out the dirty little secrets behind liposuction and how Gentle Slim is the perfect alternative to liposuction. Read More...

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This exciting new method includes combining 2 or more technologies to get ultimate results, without surgery and no downtime. We bundle Coolsculpting or Gentle Slim Laser with Radio Frequency to Remove Fat, Lose Inches, Contour Your Body and Tighten Skin. The complete, clinically proven, non-surgical solution to total transformation is here in Buffalo and exclusively offered at Buffalo Laser Spa! It's more affordable than you think. Real results - less than half the cost of lipo with no risk, no trauma, no downtime, no surgery. Those who only need to lose a few inches we recommend Coolsculpting with radio frequency. If you have more than several inches to lose we recommend Gentle Slim Laser with radio frequency. Either way you can be assured you will lose inches without pain or surgery!

Call us at 716-817-5544 for your free customized consultation or fill out the form below and let our fat removal, body contouring and skin tightening experts design a Treat4Success custom plan, just for you!

WEEK 1 Start with a Coolsculpting treatment to destroy fat and contour your body. Remain active & hydrate.
WEEK 2-6 While your body is processing the fat from your CoolSculpting treatment, get one Radio Frequency treatment each week to tighten skin, increase lymphatic stimulation and reduce cellulite. You can start to see results.
WEEK 7 Get another Coolsculpting treatment. Continue healthy lifestyle changes by following our meal plans from our nutritional specialists.
WEEK 8-12 While your body is processing the fat from your Coolsculpting treatment, get one Radio Frequency treatment each week to tighten skin, increase lymphatic stimulation and magnify results. You will see results over the next 6 weeks and you will start to feel your confidence come back!
WEEK 13 ON Buy new jeans, enjoy your results and love your new body even more!