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Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair can be both a nuisance and time consuming, but the innovative hair removal techniques offered at Cheryl's Hair Removal and Cellulite Reduction Center, a division of Buffalo Laser Spa, Inc., removing unwanted hair with permanent results has never been easier. There are many different types of hair removal available to men and women in the Buffalo area, while some are temporary, others are permanent. Temporary hair removal methods are often used because they are fast and inexpensive, however the aggravation of constant hair re-growth can quickly become too much. Because of this, more and more individuals are turning to more permanent methods. At Cheryl's and Buffalo Laser Spa, we offer two innovative treatments for the permanent reduction of unwanted hair: electrolysis and laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal: Laser hair removal is a more recent innovation, having first been introduced to consumers in 1999. These treatment utilize pigment seeking light in order to effectively target and treat unwanted hair. During the procedure, the laser light is passed over the area being treated. The pigment seeking light passes through the outer layers of skin and is attracted to the hair follicles below. The light is absorbed by the hair follicles where it then transforms into heat, and it is that heat that cauterizes the blood supply to the hair, causing it never to grow again.

While laser treatments are much faster than electrolysis, they also have their downfalls. For instance, not all hairs can be effectively treated in one single session. Hair grows in three distinct stages—the growth stage, the resting stage and the shedding stage. Hair can only be effectively treated by laser when in the growth stage and only about 40 percent of hair is in this stage at any given time. This means a series of sessions will be required in order to garner successful results. In addition, only certain hair colors can be effectively treated with this procedure. Unlike electrolysis, laser utilizes pigment seeking light, and some hair colors simply do not contain enough pigment for the laser to 'see' it. Hair colors such as blonde, red, gray and white will not see effective results, and therefore other hair removal alternatives will need to be explored.

When considering permanent hair removal treatments, it is difficult to know which you may be a candidate for and which will get you the best results. By visiting Cheryl's Hair Removal and Cellulite Reduction Center and Buffalo Laser spa, patients can undergo a free and confidential consultation in which a certified laser technician will evaluate your hair and determine which treatment is right for you. Whether undergoing electrolysis or laser hair removal, just know that permanent reduction results means that embarrassing, unwanted hair will become a thing of the past. Contact Cheryl's and get started with your hair removal treatments today.

Electrolysis: Electrolysis was the first permanent hair removal method to be developed, and the only that can claim to be 100 percent permanent. Electrolysis is a hair removal method that utilizes a tool called an epilator. The epilator is a needle like device that is inserted into each individual hair follicle. Once inserted, the epilator delivers an electrical current to the bulb of the hair follicle, cauterizing the blood supply to the hair and rendering the hair inactive.

Electrolysis is a great method of hair removal, but it does have some downfalls. Because each hair follicle has to be treated individually, Electrolysis at Cheryl's can be very time consuming. Large areas like the full back or legs can take hours to complete, which is why smaller areas are most often treated. And while Electrolysis can claim to get 100 percent removal, it can take up to two years to see these results. But despite its downfalls, Electrolysis is capable of treating any skin tone and hair color, and ultimately gives patients the smooth, hair free results they're looking for.

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